Spring Wedding Favors! What a better way to shake off the Winter? Step into Spring at In Casa Gifts!

Hello lovelies! I’m SO very sorry it has been so long since our last chat, Alexa and I have been busy bees this winter! Skating, drinking peppermint hot chocolate (which is delicious, by the way) among other extremely important things, like tobogganing!

The winter wonderland really has been grand, but I think it’s about time to shake off Old Man Winter and step into Spring. What’s on your list for Spring? I’m talking spring wedding season not cleaning!

Do you fancy a beautiful wedding in the Spring? Or maybe a newborn present is on their way requiring a baby shower party? Personally, neither of those exciting things are happening for me. (Wah!) But that doesn’t mean Spring doesn’t deserve a welcome!

Here are a few wonderful ideas for hosting an event in the Spring, whatever your event may be!

Personalized Ribbon!

This is the MUST-HAVE item that very few people know about! For Christmas, I made a batch of candy apples and tied a beautiful personalized ribbon around each one that said “Merry Christmas, Love Mia”, and handed them out as little gifts. Why not get creative and tie a personalized ribbon around homemade Cake Pops? Or if you’re not the creative type, tie them around any of the favors from In Casa Gifts! This works for weddings, baby showers, any event really! You don’t need an excuse to be personal. 🙂

Personalized Bubble Bottles
Which brings me to this! Personalized Bubble Bottles! What says “Spring” like fully grown men and women playing with bubble wands? It’s definitely going to keep all members of your party engaged, from children to grandparents. It’s a small and casual way to say, “Relax and have a little fun”. On top of bubbles being amazing, you can personalize these little bottles too! Why not put some personalized bubble bottles all on a tray beside some disposable cameras, and see what hilarity ensues!
Fruit Water

Now what about drinks! The most important part! 😉 What’s the best way to put some Spring into your beverages? Throw in some freshly cut up fruit! It’s a great way to make sure everyone stays hydrated, but still looks beautiful and interesting (like you, and your wonderful parties!) And what do you serve your drinks in? Personalized glasses, duh!

Personalized Wine Glass

Take your pick between personalized wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, pint glasses, or shot glasses if you’re feeling adventurous!

Happy planning! xx

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Favor Boxes! For Weddings, Baby Showers, and More!

Hello gals and guys!
Let’s talk boxes. Favor Boxes.
Our favor-rite! (Get it, get it!?)
Okay. Bad joke. But really, favor boxes have to be the most useful favor out there! I’ll tell you why. They can be stacked, packed away, easy to carry and even easier to assemble. There are multitudes of favor boxes at In Casa Gifts, and here’s a breakdown of our favorites and my spin on them!

1. Classic Damask Favor Box
This box is exactly as it’s titled – classic! You can’t go wrong with white and silver, it’s easy to assemble and damask can add a touch of beauty to absolutely anything. These little boxes are perfect for a little treat – chocolates, mints, candy of any kind really!
2. Love is in the Air Pyramid Favor Box
For a bit of something new, this is a lovely addition to the favor box family. Can I start by saying this design is beautiful – it’s certainly one of the best quality boxes you can find. Something about the shiny, smooth texture of the box and how thick the ribbon is. Try putting a little message sticking out the side – like a fortune cookie! And then top it all off with a real cookie inside!
3. Miniature Gold Chair Favor Box Charm & Ribbon (Set of 12) 
How cute! This little favor looks like a pretty little chair! It also comes in silver, with an adorable little bow, charm, and a personalized monogram! Place the the last initial of the newly betrothed couple for the complete look 🙂 What better to put in these little boxes than a some wedding bubbles?
4. Enchanted Carriage Favor Boxes (Set of 24)
The perfect addition to the fairytale wedding! These little boxes are detailed beautifully – it’s really a one of a kind favor box! What better to put in it than your own Cinderella slipper, It’s a Shoe Thing Bottle Opener!
5. Perfectly Plaid Pink Favor Box (24 Pack)
Definitely one of the most original favor box designs we carry! This cute little mini purse comes equipped with a little bow. The quality is strong,  durable, and perfect! Fill this little favor box up to the top with jellybeans, mints, or chocolate!

That’s our pick! 😉


Baby Shower Themed Favors: On Safari!

Hello lovely ladies and gents, here are my favourite ideas for a baby shower party! Soon to be mother’s or bridal shower planner friends, you’ll love these ideas! Gone are the constricting themes of “pink”, “blue”, or “yellow”, we mean business!
At In Casa Gifts, we’re not just about catering to your wedding needs– we’re all you need for your baby shower party as well! Now, we have the perfect theme for your baby shower. Are you ready? “On Safari!”
Baby Shower Themed Favors: On Safari!
Take an excursion with your bridal shower party guests through homemade elephant balloons, tiger cupcakes, and giraffe cookies! Let your little animals create animal masks out of coloured construction paper, or have someone paint their faces! The possibilities are huge, and far from boring. What do you think of these cake pop!? Yum, right!
Take a look at our latest Pinterest page for a peek at the whole themed baby shower collection and for more baby-friendly and oh so cute ideas!
The perfect “On Safari” baby shower favours? Here are our favourites, sure to please parents and children alike 🙂
1. Born to Be Wild Animal Candles

Okay, can we talk about how adorable this is? These come as an assorted pack of 4: one elephant, tiger, zebra, and one very cheeky looking monkey. These are packaged and ready to go, and almost look just as good in the packaging as they do out. I love these candles!
2. Born to Be Wild Favor Box (Set of 24)
Who can say mini-cupcakes!? I mean, favor boxes on their own can really used for anything– candy, candles, chocolate, baked goods, etc. They are really one of the most useful favours, but this just takes it a step further – each box is customized with a different little animal as the clasp! How adorable! If you’re one of those DIY Mom’s, a little cupcake or cake pop would be the perfect filling.
3. Unexpected Treasures Tin
Ah. I love tins. They’re so useful! Even after the baby shower is long gone, your friends and family can still be using these tins to hold their secret chocolate stash. Plus you can customize it with your baby’s name and the date! The perfect souvenir 🙂
4. Born to Be Wild Animal Place Card Holders
For all you organized Mommy’s to be, these little critters are a great way to get kids to the table! Also, take out the name tag and slip a photo in there – it’s a perfect addition to any children’s room!
5. Lucky Elephant Place-card Holder
Already handing out candy in the Born to Be Wild Favour Box? Why not send the adults home with something they will appreciate as well! These beautiful silver-finish elephants will surely keep everyone happy!
On Safari is the perfect gender-neutral baby shower theme! No need to focus on only pink, blue or yellow. Be creative! A cute and wild theme idea –suited just for your little monkey. Mommies everywhere will be talking about their adventures with baby!
Ciao for now! xx

Winter Wedding Favors & Holiday Party Favors at Canada’s In Casa Gifts

Winter Weddings and Holiday Christmas Parties for pleasure or corporate functions being planned. Make yours the best party of the winter season!  With beautiful snowflakes falling and Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, you don’t have to wonder why so many couples choose to tie the knot during the holiday season.  For brides looking for fabulous winter wedding favors here’s a Top 5 selection of wedding keepsake giveaways brides, and guests, have fallen for this season! Best of all, they are inexpensive favors that won’t break the wedding budget! 
Snowflake Wine Bottle Stopper Party Favor
 You are going to want a stylish snowflake stopper for your champagne celebration.  Bottle Stoppers are great practical gifts! Guests can use it for Christmas and New Years too!
Swish Espresso Cup Set with Cookie Saucer
Gorgeous Espresso Coffee Cup Set with Dessert Plate Saucer


Winter weather is cold and cocoa is so last year. What better way for your guests to warm up than with a steaming hot cup of coffee – make it an espresso coffee favor– a perfect wedding bomboniere gift.
Glass Coasters with Crystal Snowflake Etching
These glass coaster favors are not only beautiful with their elegant snowflake design but useful too. Your guests will be using these coasters to hold their mug of hot chocolate as they warm up by the fire.
Double Ring Photo Frame to Capture Seasonal Memories
Used to hold cherished family photos or pictures of you on your wedding day. These sophisticated picture frame favorsare sure to please your guests and compliment any decor.
Affordable Snowflake Tea Light Candle Holders with Snowflake Theme
Candle favors create ambiance and illuminate warmth on a cold winter’s night.  They are affordable and make fabulous wedding guest favors.  For more wedding gift, decor and party favor ideas and inspiration, visit us today!

Winter Wedding Favors are Here…Get them First at In Casa Gifts

Hello Fellow Brides and Wedding Pros!

Have we got winter wedding favors and winter themed inspiration for you!

First – yes, our Pinterest board is amazing (thanks for the notes!) and we recently released a PinBoard that is themed “Shimmering White” for Winter Weddings. For those of you planning a winter wedding or corporate Holiday-Christmas Party, this one is for you…it’s brilliant! Here’s a little peak 🙂 Yes, the ideas just burst off the page :0

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas Canada
Shimmering White – Winter Wedding Ideas by Canada’s InCasaGifts.com

On the subject of great wedding and party favors for winter, did you catch the great winter wedding favor ideas article at CanadaWeds.ca!? (psst…we carry all the favors featured – right here in Canada!)

Wanna peak at those, too? Drum roll please for some of the best winter wedding and holiday party ideas for the perfect winter wonderland wedding!

Silver and White Damask Favor Boxes
Silver and White Damask Favor Boxes
Shimmering Crystal Coaster Favours Set of 4
Shimmering Crystal Coaster Favours Set of 4
Shimmering Crystal Coaster Favours
Shimmering Crystal Coaster Favours
Memories Forever Frosted Glass Photo Coasters Favour Set
Memories Forever Frosted Glass Photo Coaster Favours
Swish Espresso Cups with Cookie Saucer Plate
Swish Espresso Cups with Cookie Saucer Plate
Snowflake Bottle Stopper Favour in Gift Box
Snowflake Bottle Stopper
Heart Inscribed Glass Frosted Coaster Favours
Heart Inscribed Glass Frosted Coaster Favours
"Shimmering Crystals" Mini Photo Frame / Place Card Holder
“Shimmering Crystals” Mini Photo Frame / Place Card Holder
"Moments..." Frosted Glass Picture Frame Favours
“Moments…” Frosted Glass Picture Frame Favours
"Winter Lights" Tea Light Candle Favours
“Winter Lights” Tea Light Candle Favours
Sparkling Tea Candle Lamp Favour
Wonderful Warmth – Candle Favours
Winter Wishes Snowflake Favor Boxes
Winter Wishes Snowflake Favor Boxes
Love Disposable Wedding Camera in White
Love Disposable Wedding Camera in White
Floral Sparkle Candle Favour set in Frosted White
Floral Sparkle Candle Favour set in Frosted White
Frosted Heart Shaped Photo Coaster Favor Set
Frosted Heart Shaped Photo Coaster Favour Set
Tell us what  you think of our trend setting Shimmering White Pinboard and our wedding favor collection for this winter season. And remember…those liking us on Facebook are getting all kinds of deals – like 15% off our best selling favors and monthly draws we’ve started! Check us out and follow on Twitter, too!
Are you a Fan?!
Ciao! xx

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Wedding Theme Inspiration – Damask

Hello lovelies!
Weeeeeee’re on Pinterest!

We’ve just recently posted our first wedding inspriration board, Damask Themed!
Here’s a sneak peak for you 😉

Wedding FavorsWedding FavorsWedding FavorsWedding FavorsWedding FavorsWedding Favors
Happy planning! And yes, if you were wondering, that IS infact a damask patterned cookie. Delicious and beautiful? Spectacular! And take a look at our Damask Board, it’s full of eye candy!
If you see anything you like from In Casa Gifts, use this 15% off coupon at the checkout: BeatHeat15, but you didn’t hear it from me! 😉 It expires tomorrow so hurry!
Ciao! xx

Candid and Quirky DIY Wedding Photography

The perfect wedding is planned right now to the smallest details – the personalization on your napkins, those tiny little lace ribbons you personally tied around each of your little vases, even those adorable little handwritten name cards that took you an eternity and gave you a hand cramp.

The beauty is always in the details.

When it comes to your wedding, every moment will be preserved in the photos you take. Why leave that up to one photographer when you could have hundreds? I’m talking of course about disposable wedding cameras, the ultimate little favor!

Your professional photographer will (hopefully!) always provide those beautiful shots that will remain with you on the walls of every home you move into with your new family. The candid moments are the ones that you wished you had photos of! The picture of your grandmother tearing up the dance floor, or maybe a photo of your ringbearer asleep in the peu at church. True memories to cherish and keep forever. A photo is not just a part of the wedding ceremony, it embodies the whole moment.

A photograph will remember all the tiniest details you want to preserve, even if you weren’t intending to. 20 years after your wedding date, you’ll be able to look back and see exactly what your special day was like–not just how everyone looked when they were posing and smiling, but truly the candid, beautiful moments that made your wedding day perfect.
To make this achievable, In Casa Gifts carries a wonderful collection of disposable wedding cameras. Here are my favourite 3!
Wedding Favors, disposable cameras
Love (White)
Wedding Favors, disposable wedding cameras
Seaside Captures
Wedding favors, disposable wedding cameras
Love (Black)

Every candid moment you share and tiny detail you put thought into will never be forgotten. For the perfect wedding favor that is both practical and quirky, use disposable wedding cameras! Never let a memory slip.

Love from,

Photo credit: Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography, Bridal Musings, The Wedding Co.