Tea Time! A Tea Themed Wedding with In Casa Gifts

Who’s crazy about tea?

In ancient times, particular teas were primarily used medicinally to aid many issues, from stomach aches to even lowering cholesterol. There has been a western tea revolution–tea is suddenly trendy, youthful and rejuvenating.
Who hasn’t heard of David’s Tea, Teavana or The Tea Haus? Loose-leaf is making a huge boom right now, and tea hasn’t been more attractive. A Tea-Themed Wedding is lovely, innovative and practical!
Why not pair a doily with a swish cup and put a homemade cupcake in there for dessert?
In Casa Gifts has plenty of original and adorable tea diffusers that would make the perfect favour for any tea amateur or expert.
Send every guest home with a lovely tea diffuser and your choice of tea sample! For healthier skin, teeth and enamel, send them home with a white or green tea.
For added energy send them home with a black tea.
Tea for Two Teapot Tea Infuser
For soothing headaches and stomach aches, send them home with a roobios tea.
The options are endless, and everyone can go home with a tea and diffuser that suits their needs – because each of your guests are special and they should know!
For more tea-themed wedding ideas, take a look at our new Pinterest Board: Tea Time!
Ta ta for now 🙂


The Perfect Polka Dot Party for Valentines Day at In Casa Gifts!

Hello ladies and gentleman! How is everyone today? 🙂
Valentines day is just looming around the corner, what has everyone got planned?
And don’t tell me, “sitting alone, eating icecream and watching awful chick-flicks”, because you can totally do that with friends!
I’m kind of serious! This year, why not throw a Valentines Day Party?

A Polka Dot Party is the way to go! Everyone should feel loved amongst friends, especially on a day like Valentines. So throw on your best polka-dot swinging-50’s dress, or polka-dot tie and let the festivities begin!

Here are a few ideas for a Perfect Polka Dot Party for Valentines Day, from In Casa Gifts!

First is first – Personalized Napkins!

I know what you’re thinking. These girls are CRAZY about personalized everything! Well, you’re right.  We totally are. What’s better than putting your touch on everything! Hand out a personalized napkin that says, “Happy Valentines Day! Love xx and xx”, as guests nibble on homemade polka dot cookies. Yum!

And what did you wear while you serve those delicious homemade cookies? A retro mini-dot apron! Ah! How much do you love this? We think it’s adorable.

And the most exciting part, favours of course! What little gifts are your guests going to brag and rave about when they bring them home? Here are a few suggestions!

Polka Dot Change Purse
Pretty in Pink Polka Dot Makeup Kit
Mod Dots Polka Dot Coaster

For more lovely themed ideas, take a look at our Pinterest boards for inspiration! Our latest board takes the polka dot themed party a step further to a polka dot baby shower theme!

We hope you enjoy! Ta ta for now 😉

Baby Shower Themed Favors: On Safari!

Hello lovely ladies and gents, here are my favourite ideas for a baby shower party! Soon to be mother’s or bridal shower planner friends, you’ll love these ideas! Gone are the constricting themes of “pink”, “blue”, or “yellow”, we mean business!
At In Casa Gifts, we’re not just about catering to your wedding needs– we’re all you need for your baby shower party as well! Now, we have the perfect theme for your baby shower. Are you ready? “On Safari!”
Baby Shower Themed Favors: On Safari!
Take an excursion with your bridal shower party guests through homemade elephant balloons, tiger cupcakes, and giraffe cookies! Let your little animals create animal masks out of coloured construction paper, or have someone paint their faces! The possibilities are huge, and far from boring. What do you think of these cake pop!? Yum, right!
Take a look at our latest Pinterest page for a peek at the whole themed baby shower collection and for more baby-friendly and oh so cute ideas!
The perfect “On Safari” baby shower favours? Here are our favourites, sure to please parents and children alike 🙂
1. Born to Be Wild Animal Candles

Okay, can we talk about how adorable this is? These come as an assorted pack of 4: one elephant, tiger, zebra, and one very cheeky looking monkey. These are packaged and ready to go, and almost look just as good in the packaging as they do out. I love these candles!
2. Born to Be Wild Favor Box (Set of 24)
Who can say mini-cupcakes!? I mean, favor boxes on their own can really used for anything– candy, candles, chocolate, baked goods, etc. They are really one of the most useful favours, but this just takes it a step further – each box is customized with a different little animal as the clasp! How adorable! If you’re one of those DIY Mom’s, a little cupcake or cake pop would be the perfect filling.
3. Unexpected Treasures Tin
Ah. I love tins. They’re so useful! Even after the baby shower is long gone, your friends and family can still be using these tins to hold their secret chocolate stash. Plus you can customize it with your baby’s name and the date! The perfect souvenir 🙂
4. Born to Be Wild Animal Place Card Holders
For all you organized Mommy’s to be, these little critters are a great way to get kids to the table! Also, take out the name tag and slip a photo in there – it’s a perfect addition to any children’s room!
5. Lucky Elephant Place-card Holder
Already handing out candy in the Born to Be Wild Favour Box? Why not send the adults home with something they will appreciate as well! These beautiful silver-finish elephants will surely keep everyone happy!
On Safari is the perfect gender-neutral baby shower theme! No need to focus on only pink, blue or yellow. Be creative! A cute and wild theme idea –suited just for your little monkey. Mommies everywhere will be talking about their adventures with baby!
Ciao for now! xx