Tea Time! A Tea Themed Wedding with In Casa Gifts

Who’s crazy about tea?

In ancient times, particular teas were primarily used medicinally to aid many issues, from stomach aches to even lowering cholesterol. There has been a western tea revolution–tea is suddenly trendy, youthful and rejuvenating.
Who hasn’t heard of David’s Tea, Teavana or The Tea Haus? Loose-leaf is making a huge boom right now, and tea hasn’t been more attractive. A Tea-Themed Wedding is lovely, innovative and practical!
Why not pair a doily with a swish cup and put a homemade cupcake in there for dessert?
In Casa Gifts has plenty of original and adorable tea diffusers that would make the perfect favour for any tea amateur or expert.
Send every guest home with a lovely tea diffuser and your choice of tea sample! For healthier skin, teeth and enamel, send them home with a white or green tea.
For added energy send them home with a black tea.
Tea for Two Teapot Tea Infuser
For soothing headaches and stomach aches, send them home with a roobios tea.
The options are endless, and everyone can go home with a tea and diffuser that suits their needs – because each of your guests are special and they should know!
For more tea-themed wedding ideas, take a look at our new Pinterest Board: Tea Time!
Ta ta for now 🙂


Your go-to guide for a Pretty in Pink Bridal Shower! From your gals from In Casa Gifts!

Let’s talk Pink!

It’s your Bridal shower, and there couldn’t be a better time to bust out the pink martinis, pink cupcakes and doilies. Here’s a couple of tips to make sure your night is fun, scrumptious, and deliciously decorated.

#1. The beauty is in the details! If you’re going with a theme, don’t skimp out! Pink napkins, pink ribbon, white and pink cake, pink everything! Go big or go home 🙂

For some beautiful examples, take a look at our pinterest.

#2. Keep everyone entertained with a game! My favourite is “Things” but with a twist! Here’s how you play. Write a list of “20 Things” that have to do with weddings, the bride or groom, marriage or family. An example of 1 thing on your list may be, “Things you don’t want to find out on your honeymoon” or “Things the Bride might have in her purse” or “Things that you don’t want to find out after the wedding”. You can make the list as conservative, risque or personal as you would like it to be! Then, each person in the room takes turns reading out a question, while everyone writes an answer down and anonymously drops it into a hat. The goal of the game is to guess who wrote what, and it’s sure to cause some real laughter. Keep it light and fun!

#3. No need for boring favours! Seriously though. Sugared almonds are delicious, but there are so many different varieties of gifts out there, don’t skimp out–do some research! Don’t get me wrong, classic favors will always be, well, classic! Hand out photo frames and include a photo of you and your beau (wrapped in a pink ribbon, of course) for a lovely keepsake. But there are SO many unique favours available, you should know your options!

What about personalized honey jars? Bottle Stopper favors? Um towel cakes?!

The options are endless!

Happy planning! xx


In Casa Gifts on Facebook – Our Brides Win!

Welcome to my world of all things wedding – wedding favors in particular!

If you’re one of the thousands who have subscribed to In Casa Gifts lately, you likely received a special email the other day. It pays to register with In Casa Gifts, I tell ya! Oh, and it also pays to plan your wedding when you become a facebook fan of In Casa Gifts!

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That’s great, but the WOW is that one lucky person will WIN THEIR ORDER! Imagine you needing 150 wedding favours and their yours – potentially hundreds of dollars of wedding favors absolutely FREE! Not cheap wedding favours, we’re talking FREE wedding favors!

So, do yourself a favor – register and shop In Casa Giftsand also become our facebook fan today.

(There’s no telling when we’re going to give away wedding favours for you next…well, judging by the interest in this promo, it shouldn’t be too long!).

Happy wedding planning!


Shower Time! Bridal and Baby Shower Favour Ideas!

Whether wedding-bridal showers or baby showers, aren’t they so much fun!

Don’t get me wrong, what could be better than the wedding of your dreams, but I find shower parties are relatively stress-free when it comes to planning…so much so that we’re always getting last minute orders. Don’t make getting your shower favours an afterthought!

At In Casa Gifts, we love helping brides to-be and new moms (plus family & friends!) pick the cutest shower favors – whether wedding shower favors or baby shower favors. That’s what our all-Canadian wedding blog is about!

So, thought I’d share some favor-ites. Call them my top 3 lists.

Baby Shower Favors…& Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Scoop of Love Heart Shaped Scoop – These measuring spoons in heart shaped are the most adorable favors and no wonder they’re one of our most popular shower keepsake gifts!
  2. Capture the Moment Glass Shower Photo Coasters – can you say keepsake, momento, lasting gift? These are ongoing favour-ites for baby gifts. A shower favour to cherish.
  3. Book of Memories – Placecard Holder & Mini Photo Album – a keepsake favor for your guests to treasure serving a purpose during (place card), and after, your shower party!

Don’t forget to check out our wonderful baby gifts, too! These are the most unique baby shower gifts out there, including:

  1. Welcome to the World Wagon Shower Gift Set – packed with goodies, this gift will be the star gift among others at any baby shower. New mom will LOVE it.
  2. Finley the Frog Bath Time Baby Gift Set – This four piece set is made for a childhood of fun in the tub! Isn’t this the cutest baby shower gift you can think of?!
  3. Cashmere Soft Booster Pillow and Growth Chart Gift Set – An amazing gift for new baby perfect for a baby shower. Is this not the most adorable bunny gift you’ve ever seen?

Wedding-Bridal Shower Favors

  1. Pink Polka Purse Manicure Set – how cool and practical is this bridal shower favor that is actually a manicure set packaged in a super-chic mini purse.
  2. Valet Purse Handbag Holder – don’t you dare put that purse on the restaurant floor! This valet purse neatly keeps your purse suspended from the table. A MUST for any socialite!
  3. Personalized Shower Gel – What woman doesn’t keep handy personalized shower gel? For the diva in all of us!

Oh, and for your wedding party, don’t forget to check out InCasaGifts.com’s collection of wedding party gifts!