Brew Some Love! Coffee Themed Party Favors From In Casa Gifts

Hello darlings, how are all of you tonight?
Just because our tea-themed wedding theme was such a big hit, we thought we needed to give it’s bold counterpart a chance as well!

Courtesy of Pinterest 🙂

A coffee-themed wedding IS bold, and if you’re strong enough to do it, here’s how.
We paired deep cocoa brown with bits of light blue, for a refreshing and satisfying color scheme. It’s certainly one of the more striking colour combinations available, and is really quite elegant when done correctly. So how do you do it correctly, you ask?
Nothing says elegance like wedding favors designed by Artisano Designs, and they have the most beautiful selection of coffee-themed wedding favors available.

No joking! Have you seen some of these favors? You won’t find this kind of quality in any other wedding favor brands. I’m not exaggerating. Where else would you find a really nice espresso maker? It’s wrapped and ready to go! Just brings a tear to my eye.

Euro Espress – White Espresso Maker (2 Cup)
Expressions of Love Espresso Cup Favor – In White (Set of 2)
Swish Cup and Biscotti Saucer Favor (Set of 2)

Why not line up your espresso cups with some coffee and kahlua, and make a tasty shooter out of it? Present it right and you can do no wrong 😉
Deep cocoa brown and pale blue is a very distinct and pungent colour scheme – if this is for you, it’s go big or go home. Deep brown bridesmaid dresses, pale blue pumps that barely peep out of your elegant wedding dress– all necessary. The table setting is certainly a place that should beautifully tie together your theme. How about a dark wood table with light blue lining and placemats, covered with dark brown and copper cutlery and plates? This is a theme that you can really play with layering. We personally think of a marble cake – be mindful to mix in the right amount of light blue and it’s eye-catching and delightful.

For more wedding ideas and the complete wedding theme board for Coffee and Biscotti, take a look at our Pinterest!

Ciao for now!


Wedding Favors and Bomboniere Canada – Favors for All Canadian Brides

When choosing wedding favours, what do Canadian brides look for? That answer is diverse as Canadians themselves!Although the terms wedding favours and bombonieres are interchangeable, some Canadians have never heard of the word “bomboniere”. Of course, our French friends inQuebec call them “bonbonniere”. Deriving from Latin, bomboniere is used in the Italian community and made popular inToronto,Hamilton (Ontario) andMontreal (Quebec) plus other Canadian cities with large Italian populations. Greeks refer to party favors as “boubouniere”. 

Yet wedding favours and favour designs have been increasingly – and wonderfully – inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern influences as these Canadian populations grow. It’s no wonder it takes an eclectic and unique range of favours to satisfy the diversity that is “The Canadian Bride”.

Here’s some of our favour-ites sure to please Canadian brides and bridal planners, no matter their ethnic background or preferences.

 Fore these and other “Great Canadian Wedding Favours”, visit us online today! For a light discussion on favour terminology, read my bomboniere article on Canada Weds! 

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Wedding Favors, Favours – Bomboniere or Bonbonniere – I’m Now a Canada Weds Expert Contributor!

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