The Perfect Polka Dot Party for Valentines Day at In Casa Gifts!

Hello ladies and gentleman! How is everyone today? 🙂
Valentines day is just looming around the corner, what has everyone got planned?
And don’t tell me, “sitting alone, eating icecream and watching awful chick-flicks”, because you can totally do that with friends!
I’m kind of serious! This year, why not throw a Valentines Day Party?

A Polka Dot Party is the way to go! Everyone should feel loved amongst friends, especially on a day like Valentines. So throw on your best polka-dot swinging-50’s dress, or polka-dot tie and let the festivities begin!

Here are a few ideas for a Perfect Polka Dot Party for Valentines Day, from In Casa Gifts!

First is first – Personalized Napkins!

I know what you’re thinking. These girls are CRAZY about personalized everything! Well, you’re right.  We totally are. What’s better than putting your touch on everything! Hand out a personalized napkin that says, “Happy Valentines Day! Love xx and xx”, as guests nibble on homemade polka dot cookies. Yum!

And what did you wear while you serve those delicious homemade cookies? A retro mini-dot apron! Ah! How much do you love this? We think it’s adorable.

And the most exciting part, favours of course! What little gifts are your guests going to brag and rave about when they bring them home? Here are a few suggestions!

Polka Dot Change Purse
Pretty in Pink Polka Dot Makeup Kit
Mod Dots Polka Dot Coaster

For more lovely themed ideas, take a look at our Pinterest boards for inspiration! Our latest board takes the polka dot themed party a step further to a polka dot baby shower theme!

We hope you enjoy! Ta ta for now 😉

Personalized Wedding Favours – To Go

Brides and wedding planners are telling me all the time – we’re busy! So, when they ask if our wedding favors are already packaged and I say yes, it’s kinda like telling them they’ve just won the lottery. Yep, most of our wedding favours are delivered in great gift packaging which saves you time and money. From clear boxes in a variety of shapes to those finished with sheer organza ribbon, there’s great party favor packaging options to suit any taste!

For my wedding (no thaaat long ago!), I bought individual shot glasses in bulk…ran around to find the ideal semi-transparent party favor boxes, and then of course, the perfect decorating ribbon. All in all, I thought they were the best, unique wedding favours! And I just ran labels through the printer (a few dozen!) times and voila, I had personalized tags for my wedding favors, too!

Would I do that again? No way!

Back then, I would have loved to buy personalized wedding favours that were pre-packaged in custom favor boxes. As any bride, though, I was on a mission to get the exact, wedding favours I imagined. Now, I’m running In Casa Gifts with literally thousands of options to choose from. One of our favorites are our custom personality favors, which let’s you pick from a bunch of favor box designs and tag options. How cool is that?

Anyway, if you’re looking for unique wedding favors, make that personalized unique wedding favours with personalized tags…glad we could help! (oh, did I mention we’ll deliver them right to your door anywhere in Canada or the U.S. – FREE?).

Now get to all the other things on your list! Bye for now…