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Cherry blossoms symbolize the intensity and beauty of life, and their beauty is extraordinary really. A Cherry Blossom Wedding is truly a breath taking sight, and these flowers are usually in full bloom from late April to early May if you live around Toronto. Even if you’re not close to one of these trees, you can still breathe life into this theme with a bit of help.

My help, of course!
Pair black and white with thin accents of pale pink for a simple and elegant theme.

Cherry Blossom Wedding
In Casa Gifts also carries a line of Cherry Blossom themed accessories, from ring pillows to pillar candles! You can dress it up or dress it down as much as you’d like.

We also carry a number of beautiful favor boxes that could be as simplistic or thematic as you want. These lovely asian brocade boxes are a huge favourite!

Asian Pink Brocade Boxes

Use them as a lovely center piece, and show off some cherry blossom branches in them. Set the table with fortune cookie place card holders holding cherry blossom stationary with your guests names printed neatly. We literally have everything you need to make this beautiful theme a reality.

I think the most spectacular part of this theme is the cake. Have you ever seen a cherry blossom cake? If you can get the right cake, it really pulls everything together. And why stop there? Have “cherry cake pops” for dessert, which are cherries dipped in cake-frosting-goodness. Essentially the most delicious bite you’ll ever have. Here are so delectable goodies from our Pinterest Page.
From Pinterest

From Pinterest
It’s important to balance this theme with the right amount of black and white, with just a splash of pale pink, or your groomsmen might feel a bit out of place! Emphasis on ‘pale’ pink. 😉 If it’s hot pink, that’s a completely different theme altogether! Go for clean, buffed pale pink nails, pale pink shoes, and black and white everywhere else.
You’re aiming to be light and refreshing – as graceful as can be, and as radiant as you should be!
Channel simplicity and grace, and do it with In Casa Gifts. 🙂

For more ideas and wedding themes, take a look at our Pinterest and Facebook page!

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Wedding Trends – Canadian Statistics

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This time with an interesting article…I put on my wedding analytical hat (is there such a thing?) to give you some info on Canadian wedding trends – demographics, popular months and all that fun stuff. Where do you fin in?

View the article below, but importantly, don’t delay ordering your spring (or summer – yep!) themed wedding favors – pronto! Many are going fast and you (and I) HATE out of stock wedding favor dissapointment. Check out a sampling of our Spring Wedding Themed Favors and browse our entire site for so much more – enjoy!

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Canadian Wedding Bells
On the Rise, No Rush & Happiest in Heat!
Wedding Love is in the Air…
According to Statistics Canada, marriage is on the rise in Canada, well, in most provinces. About 5 people out of 1000 will get married this year…so assuming you know that many people, you’ve got some wedding ceremonies and receptions to get ready for.

Most recent data (2003) showed Ontario led the way with almost 63500 weddings taking place, a full 3% increase over the previous year. Weddings in British Columbia also increased by 3.7% to almost 22,000; overtaking Quebec, which actually dropped nearly 4% over the same period, to about 21,100 weddings.

…some places more than others!
Well, romance was in the fresh Yukon air, with marriages increasing 10.5%. Hmmm…could this turn into a favorite wedding location for popping the question? In Prince Edward Island marriages dipped by 8.7% year over year – but couples in PEI would argue there’s no cold spell there, and it’s in fact a favorite wedding and honeymoon destination.

What are you waiting for?
There’s a continuing trend towards “waiting”, seemingly due to an increase over the last few decades in co-habitation rates. Make him marry you already! In 1973 the average age for males was just over 25 and about 23 for women. That has jumped considerably, with the average for males now over 30 and over 28 for females…and in Quebec closer to 32 for males and over 30 for women!

When are Canadians Getting Married?
Over 20% of weddings take place in August with July coming second (14.6%) and June and September in a matrimonial dead heat (11.6%, 11.7%).

Winter wedding wonderland weddings are common, but Canadians still have spring and fall preferences, and obviously summer wedding fever!

So if you’ve been thinking about tying the knot, go for it and make Canada a more loving, warmer place! Just check out all the online articles suggesting married couples are happier than their single counterparts. Get happy!

Statistical Information Sourced March 1, 2008:
Marriage Rate Statistics: Statistics Canada Daily, Wednesday January 17, 2007.
Chart data sourced from 2003 CANSIM Data Tables