Chevron: Themed Patterns For Your Wedding Day With In Casa Gifts

Hello Bridal Planners, I have a lovely wedding inspiration board for you today!

Say hello to Chevron!


Patterns are a nice theme to run with, as you can use it as little or as much as you’d like. It’s fancy, it’s classy, and it doesn’t get overwhelming. Take a look at some of our suggestions for a Chevron Bridal Party, from our Pinterest Page:

Chevron table runner? Yes please. Just the right amount of pattern for an eye catching display! The colours don’t necessarily need to match – pair a cerulean blue chevron runner with red and pink roses for a punch of colour. Just beautiful!
This theme pairs best with simplicity – a bit of extra colour that stands out against a radiant white backdrop. This cake was one of my favourites:
Gold Chevron is absolutely stunning. There’s been a huge trend in patterns lately, and this one seems to be the favourite. This cake is so stunning! Pastel colours and designs with gold chevron – now THAT is a beautiful wedding theme. The possibilities are so endless. Here are a few pastel suggestions that pair beautifully with a gold chevron wedding:
Picture these on a gold chevron tablecloth!
Stamped with Love Scented Soaps

These soaps already have a soft vintage style, paired with gold chevron you can image how stunning it would look. Gold chevron place mats? Gold Chevron Napkins? Place your favours right on top.

Sweet Heart Towel Cake Dessert Favour
Towel cakes are probably the best wedding favour out there– bold statement, I know– but it’s the most useful to the most people. If you have a huge range of ages and tastes at your wedding, towel cakes are the way to go. They’re adorable, creative, and won’t break your bank. Pair these against a gold chevron background, and again, so pretty to look at!
If gold chevron isn’t your thing, what about a pastel chevron with gold accessories? I’m talking gold cutlery and accents.
Chevron Themed Bridal Party
Chevron can be incorporated in so many ways. Take a look at our Pinterest Page to see more ways to use Chevron and other themes!
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Cherry Blossom Wedding – Wedding Ideas by In Casa Gifts

Hello everyone!
Cherry blossoms symbolize the intensity and beauty of life, and their beauty is extraordinary really. A Cherry Blossom Wedding is truly a breath taking sight, and these flowers are usually in full bloom from late April to early May if you live around Toronto. Even if you’re not close to one of these trees, you can still breathe life into this theme with a bit of help.

My help, of course!
Pair black and white with thin accents of pale pink for a simple and elegant theme.

Cherry Blossom Wedding
In Casa Gifts also carries a line of Cherry Blossom themed accessories, from ring pillows to pillar candles! You can dress it up or dress it down as much as you’d like.

We also carry a number of beautiful favor boxes that could be as simplistic or thematic as you want. These lovely asian brocade boxes are a huge favourite!

Asian Pink Brocade Boxes

Use them as a lovely center piece, and show off some cherry blossom branches in them. Set the table with fortune cookie place card holders holding cherry blossom stationary with your guests names printed neatly. We literally have everything you need to make this beautiful theme a reality.

I think the most spectacular part of this theme is the cake. Have you ever seen a cherry blossom cake? If you can get the right cake, it really pulls everything together. And why stop there? Have “cherry cake pops” for dessert, which are cherries dipped in cake-frosting-goodness. Essentially the most delicious bite you’ll ever have. Here are so delectable goodies from our Pinterest Page.
From Pinterest

From Pinterest
It’s important to balance this theme with the right amount of black and white, with just a splash of pale pink, or your groomsmen might feel a bit out of place! Emphasis on ‘pale’ pink. 😉 If it’s hot pink, that’s a completely different theme altogether! Go for clean, buffed pale pink nails, pale pink shoes, and black and white everywhere else.
You’re aiming to be light and refreshing – as graceful as can be, and as radiant as you should be!
Channel simplicity and grace, and do it with In Casa Gifts. 🙂

For more ideas and wedding themes, take a look at our Pinterest and Facebook page!

Have a lovely day everyone xx

En Paris: Favors For a Parisian Themed Wedding by In Casa Gift

Good afternoon ladies and gents,
How is everyone doing today? 🙂 Now that Valentines Day is over, we can stop thinking about pink, ruffles, and cutesy stuff. Let’s talk about wine and cheese. I’m serious!

En Paris is certainly one of the more enchanting wedding themes out there. Dark burgundy accents, black, white and cream. It’s certainly a theme worth indulging in. So crack out that merlot you’ve been saving for a rainy day, and bring out the double cream brie. Here are some lovely favors for a Parisian Themed Wedding:

Paris is for Lovers Espresso Cup Favor (Set of 2)

Espresso cups are as classy as it gets. They come prewrapped and ready to go, with a “thank you” tag and ribbon. Not only is it practical for YOU, but your guests will love it! This is a wonderful gift – you won’t get this kind of quality anywhere else but In Casa Gifts.

Decorative Fleur De Lis Cake Topper

For those who choose an alternative route to figurines on top of the cake – this Fleur De Lis Cake Topper is elegant and bold. For a simple yet sophisticated theme, this cake topper is just perfect. Paired with a burgundy and ivory cake, your theme will come to life.

Bordeaux Vineyards Stainless-Steel Corkscrew

Well this goes well with the wine! This lovely vintage corkscrew comes packaged with a beautiful plum ribbon, and would pair lovely with a bottle of red. Classy, sophisticated and simple. Just like you!

For more inspiration and ideas for an En Paris Wedding theme, take a look at our Pinterest Page.

Au Revoir and happy planning!


Spring Wedding Favors! What a better way to shake off the Winter? Step into Spring at In Casa Gifts!

Hello lovelies! I’m SO very sorry it has been so long since our last chat, Alexa and I have been busy bees this winter! Skating, drinking peppermint hot chocolate (which is delicious, by the way) among other extremely important things, like tobogganing!

The winter wonderland really has been grand, but I think it’s about time to shake off Old Man Winter and step into Spring. What’s on your list for Spring? I’m talking spring wedding season not cleaning!

Do you fancy a beautiful wedding in the Spring? Or maybe a newborn present is on their way requiring a baby shower party? Personally, neither of those exciting things are happening for me. (Wah!) But that doesn’t mean Spring doesn’t deserve a welcome!

Here are a few wonderful ideas for hosting an event in the Spring, whatever your event may be!

Personalized Ribbon!

This is the MUST-HAVE item that very few people know about! For Christmas, I made a batch of candy apples and tied a beautiful personalized ribbon around each one that said “Merry Christmas, Love Mia”, and handed them out as little gifts. Why not get creative and tie a personalized ribbon around homemade Cake Pops? Or if you’re not the creative type, tie them around any of the favors from In Casa Gifts! This works for weddings, baby showers, any event really! You don’t need an excuse to be personal. 🙂

Personalized Bubble Bottles
Which brings me to this! Personalized Bubble Bottles! What says “Spring” like fully grown men and women playing with bubble wands? It’s definitely going to keep all members of your party engaged, from children to grandparents. It’s a small and casual way to say, “Relax and have a little fun”. On top of bubbles being amazing, you can personalize these little bottles too! Why not put some personalized bubble bottles all on a tray beside some disposable cameras, and see what hilarity ensues!
Fruit Water

Now what about drinks! The most important part! 😉 What’s the best way to put some Spring into your beverages? Throw in some freshly cut up fruit! It’s a great way to make sure everyone stays hydrated, but still looks beautiful and interesting (like you, and your wonderful parties!) And what do you serve your drinks in? Personalized glasses, duh!

Personalized Wine Glass

Take your pick between personalized wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, pint glasses, or shot glasses if you’re feeling adventurous!

Happy planning! xx

Spring Wedding Favors – Love Grows Green!

We’re in our new office now and before you know it, we’ll be full swing into our spring wedding season! Whaaa? Yep, if you’re going to be a spring bride you better have have your holiday shopping done by now and in full wedding planning mode!

So what favor ideas make unique spring wedding favors? Something springy, colourful, practical…and green? Seed wedding favors are just the trick! Yep, why not give out seed favors that bring life to any garden – you’re guests have never had such a thoughtful and useful keepsake.

Take for example our “Love Grows” Wildflower Seeds keepsake favors. Each colorful favor is handmade and has embedded a variety of wild flower seeds. With a little love, these favors will be enjoyed by your guests for months to come as they live and grow, symbolic of the love shared on your special wedding day. They can be used in a variety of ways, too, whether as favors or by using the envelopes to write guests table numbers. Choose from a variety of colors and shapes!

Although we have a huge range of wedding favors, I personally think these are among my favor-ites! And who doesn’t feel good about going green – even on their wedding day!