Tea Time! A Tea Themed Wedding with In Casa Gifts

Who’s crazy about tea?

In ancient times, particular teas were primarily used medicinally to aid many issues, from stomach aches to even lowering cholesterol. There has been a western tea revolution–tea is suddenly trendy, youthful and rejuvenating.
Who hasn’t heard of David’s Tea, Teavana or The Tea Haus? Loose-leaf is making a huge boom right now, and tea hasn’t been more attractive. A Tea-Themed Wedding is lovely, innovative and practical!
Why not pair a doily with a swish cup and put a homemade cupcake in there for dessert?
In Casa Gifts has plenty of original and adorable tea diffusers that would make the perfect favour for any tea amateur or expert.
Send every guest home with a lovely tea diffuser and your choice of tea sample! For healthier skin, teeth and enamel, send them home with a white or green tea.
For added energy send them home with a black tea.
Tea for Two Teapot Tea Infuser
For soothing headaches and stomach aches, send them home with a roobios tea.
The options are endless, and everyone can go home with a tea and diffuser that suits their needs – because each of your guests are special and they should know!
For more tea-themed wedding ideas, take a look at our new Pinterest Board: Tea Time!
Ta ta for now 🙂


Spring Wedding Favors! What a better way to shake off the Winter? Step into Spring at In Casa Gifts!

Hello lovelies! I’m SO very sorry it has been so long since our last chat, Alexa and I have been busy bees this winter! Skating, drinking peppermint hot chocolate (which is delicious, by the way) among other extremely important things, like tobogganing!

The winter wonderland really has been grand, but I think it’s about time to shake off Old Man Winter and step into Spring. What’s on your list for Spring? I’m talking spring wedding season not cleaning!

Do you fancy a beautiful wedding in the Spring? Or maybe a newborn present is on their way requiring a baby shower party? Personally, neither of those exciting things are happening for me. (Wah!) But that doesn’t mean Spring doesn’t deserve a welcome!

Here are a few wonderful ideas for hosting an event in the Spring, whatever your event may be!

Personalized Ribbon!

This is the MUST-HAVE item that very few people know about! For Christmas, I made a batch of candy apples and tied a beautiful personalized ribbon around each one that said “Merry Christmas, Love Mia”, and handed them out as little gifts. Why not get creative and tie a personalized ribbon around homemade Cake Pops? Or if you’re not the creative type, tie them around any of the favors from In Casa Gifts! This works for weddings, baby showers, any event really! You don’t need an excuse to be personal. 🙂

Personalized Bubble Bottles
Which brings me to this! Personalized Bubble Bottles! What says “Spring” like fully grown men and women playing with bubble wands? It’s definitely going to keep all members of your party engaged, from children to grandparents. It’s a small and casual way to say, “Relax and have a little fun”. On top of bubbles being amazing, you can personalize these little bottles too! Why not put some personalized bubble bottles all on a tray beside some disposable cameras, and see what hilarity ensues!
Fruit Water

Now what about drinks! The most important part! 😉 What’s the best way to put some Spring into your beverages? Throw in some freshly cut up fruit! It’s a great way to make sure everyone stays hydrated, but still looks beautiful and interesting (like you, and your wonderful parties!) And what do you serve your drinks in? Personalized glasses, duh!

Personalized Wine Glass

Take your pick between personalized wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, pint glasses, or shot glasses if you’re feeling adventurous!

Happy planning! xx