Favour Ideas

When it comes to wedding keepsakes, the options are endless so it’s easy to find unique favors. Whether you do it yourself, get them made for you, or purchase pre-assembled favours that are fully gift packaged; the choice is yours. Buying a thank you gift for your guests need not break the budget. Favour giving is expected, but it is truly the thought that counts. You can get high quality, affordable favours these days for $2-$5 per guest. How ill you say “thank you”?

Bomboniere or Bonbonniere? Favors or Favours? They all mean one thing when it comes to weddings – your guests make your day special and a small keepsake gift says “Thank You”!

…Are you having a seasonal wedding?

From winter wonderland to autumn splendor to bright florals for spring and summer, your favours can reflect the seasons, match your wedding colours, or reflect your personal tastes! Remember, it’s your day!

Check out our blog for fantastic themed ideas or our favours, decor and accesories sections for more on what you can do to individualize your wedding day with affordable favours that won’t break the budget!