Substantial and Affordable Wedding Favors from In Casa!

Hi everyone!
Here’s an article for all of the ladies and gents out there who aren’t crafty or DIY people. The ones that don’t make cute little handmade place cards and would much rather buy personalized tags than make them– Pinterest is setting new standards – color themes, outrageous decorations that took hours to make.
Here’s to the couples who are looking for something simple, elegant and classic.
Sometimes trendier isn’t better – heres’ our list for the timeless wedding favors that never go out of fashion.

1Espresso cups.
Coffee is universal – even if your guests aren’t huge on espresso, matching espresso sets are bound to be on display in the kitchen – what says ‘sophistication’ more? They’re beautiful, durable, and not strictly associated with a particular theme – your guests can use them without feeling it’s a novelty item. Here’s our top 3 picks for espresso sets:

1.  Swish Cup and Biscott Saucer Favor (Set of 2)

I think this is the classiest wedding favor we carry – Not only is it unique in its beautiful design and packaging, it’s really high quality – you could not find an item like this in stores, pre-packaged, for this kind of price. It’s affordable and timelessly beautiful. Even if your guests don’t drink espresso they might start – this is the kind of set to show off! Remove the swish cup and a tea light fits perfectly in it’s place.

2. Paris is for Lovers Espresso Cup Favor (Set of 2)

This item is vintage with a twist – quality ceramic and beautiful packaging meets rustic feel and design. Forget the handmade favor boxes and cards – this is the perfect amount of flair that isn’t lacking substance.

1. The Perfect Mix Pink Kitchen Whisk

In pink, and in blue!

I’m a fan of this item for 2 reasons – it’s adorable and the nicest packaging, second it’s durable and will likely get a good amount of use. Hand one of each out to your guests, or maybe just the “Something Blue” if you have a smaller budget. They also work extremely well for baby showers – kitchen utensils are the way to go!

Dipping Plates
1. Taste of the Orchard Oil-Vinegar Dipping and Appetizer Plate

It’s no secret that olive oil bars are huge right now – there’s so many varieties! These plates are fancy and sophisticated – they’re very large and have an indent shaped like an olive branch so that your balsamic vinegar will fall right to the bottom, outlining the pattern! The rim can be filled with anything you want. olives, bocconcini, bread, your choice! This item comes pre-wrapped and is something that everyone can use!

2.  Vineyard Select Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate

This dipping plate is smaller and more compact, but still substantial – perfect for a large wedding with many guests, or a bridal shower! It’s at an extremely affordable price-point and still says “class and sophistication” loud and clear. We’re in love!

Go for something substantial! Leave the lace at home 😉