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Wedding Ideas for Canadian Brides

When we talk about wedding ideas, we want to talk new, fresh and unique…that’s why we’re always refreshing and introducing new ideas and products. From the gown to the ceremony to the reception hall and the fine details like wedding favours, we have it all! Of course, we’re talking all Canadian content here.

Any ideas shared are “born in Canada” by our very own editors and any gift or decor items mentioned must be available and ship in Canada, for Canadian brides!

The Wedding Dress

We’re getting up in a world of Slice TV where saying “Yes to the dress” makes many brides feel like that dream dress means needing your parent’s retirement savings, your own savings that could be better serve as a down payment – on a house! Wedding dress ideas are endless, and you don’t have to go to the most elite boutique in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal to find it. Check your local bridal shops and give local vendors a try. Any mid-size city will have a few bridal stores – hit them all!

Also, you don’t need a fan base to watch you try on every dress.  The truth is, many of us feel a little uneasy showcasing ourselves in a dress that needs altering to the bridal party. Go  yourself first and get a shortlist of dresses YOU like. If you want some help deciding, bring a few trusted friends and/or family members who’ll give you honest advice. Ultimately though, dress shopping can be a very personal experience…and there’s no need to tell people you spent, say $500 on a dress…let them think you’ve spent $5,000 or way more! (Pssst…great article here about how to make your wedding dress seem way more expensive than it is courtesy the Huffington Post). We can go on about selecting a wedding dress locally – and we will for 2014!

The Wedding Venue

Let’s face it – who wouldn’t love an amazing wedding reception venue with breathtaking wedding decor. You in the fairy tale dress, the dream man…and the party of a lifetime in a venue fit to be called  a castle. We can talk budget, or not 🙂 The truth is, the wedding decorations can often bring up a mediocre wedding banquet hall up several notches. Couple a fantastic wedding planner with an already nice venue, and you’re likely to pull off a winner! Lucky enough to have a budget for some of the top tier wedding venues in Toronto for example, say The Fairmont Hotel? Whether you do or don’t, you can find wedding decorations to dress up any venue, including your parish hall!

The Reception Menu

“How’s the food?” You’ll ask your wedding guests, they’ll ask each other…and oh, the chatter if the food is not quite up to snuff! We hate to say it, but although your wedding day is about a celebration of love and life long commitment, people want great food! Often, they’re dishing out big bucks for your wedding gift, often in the form of a “busta” – or gift of cash and they want a meal commensurate with their generosity. Yikes! Get the wedding catering right!

That doesn’t mean strip loin steak and a seafood midnight table is expected, or feasible for most couples. It does mean, though, that whatever the menu, it must be executed well. Simple Mediterranean salad followed by penne vodka, a simple meat selection and dessert? No problem, if it is made particularly well! Here’s the tip – and don’t forego this – have the prospective caterer or venue supervisor responsible for food provide you a tasting. Most reputable establishments will, as their reputation depends on your satisfaction – and referrals. Their food may be great, bit if it is not the “taste” of you and your guests, then look elsewhere. Can they pull off an Asian dish you want? Is the tomato sauce used “real Italian”? Are you getting “authentic” Greek or Indian flavours you want? Be sure in advance! (Who wants hissing at the food spoiling your night!).

Wedding Party Decor & Accessories

If you select a spectacular venue for your wedding, like  a beach wedding or rose garden reception, there is really little in the way of decorations you really need! These warm weather outdoor venues aren’t always within reach, especially since our Canadian climate only provides a small window weather-wise for outdoor weddings. Also, assuming the budget isn’t unlimited, you’ll want to get the most bang for your wedding decorating buck – whether you’re a DIY bride, or if you’ve assigned a budget to your professional wedding planner.

Here’s the trick, focus on the small details and guest touch points. Personalized napkins at the receiving table is a nice touch that guests will use when then try  your sweets. Inside the reception hall, create a focal point with the head table to draw eyes, while getting creative with wedding centrepieces on each table that guests will want to take home! Decor ideas are endless, and we’ve got way more on the way!

Bridal Party Gifts

Bridal Party Gifts can be tough to decide on? How much should you spend? Should every bridesmaid and groomsmen get the same gift or something different? How about your little helpers – ring bearers and flower girls? For the bridesmaids, think personalized tote bags as a great idea that never fails. For the gents…how about personalized stainless steel flasks or mugs? The possibilities are endless and the budget doesn’t have to big – just remember, something unique that your bridal party wouldn’t buy for themselves is the way to go.

Wedding Reception Favours

Wedding favour ideas are endless and not to be overlooked (pssst…don’t wait until the last minute!). We’ve had countless mother of the brides calling in a panic upon finding the bride has not yet ordered the guest favours. No worries (sort of)!  Today, right here in Canada, we’ve got thousands of ready made, pre-packaged wedding party favours on hand that are already gift packaged and ready to go.  From unique candles in gift boxes to espresso set favours to oil and vinegar dipping dishes – fret not! Do leave yourself at least a couple of weeks. We’ll do the rest, our reputation goes way back for “delivering” great favours and service goes way back and a BBB A+ rating doesn’t come easy 🙂

We’re scratching the surface here with our all-Canadian wedding ideas for  you.  If nothing else, we’ve given you an ideas of some of the major components to think about as you plan your wedding day. Worry, not, we’re on our way to packing and constantly updating our magazine to bring you the latest and greatest in Canadian wedding trends and import fresh ideas from around the globe for you!